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Let’s stop opioid addictionbefore it starts.

Introducing LifeKit® Predict, the revolutionary genetic test that helps providers identify individual risk for opioid addiction—before the prescription is written. It’s the latest step in our commitment to helping solve the opioid crisis.

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Prescient Medicine empowers a new standard in healthcare delivery, offering expert-driven and evidence-based insights and medication monitoring to drive better diagnostic decisions.

We deliver predictive health intelligence that brings the power of precision medicine within reach.

LifeKit® Predict

By translating genetic information into predictive intelligence, we empower healthcare providers to identify individual risk for addiction and screen for potential reactions.

Identify your patient’s individual risk for addiction before a prescription is written

LifeKit® Prescript

Prediction is the key to prevention. Capture the wealth of information within patients' genetics to deliver the most effective outcomes.

Add genetic test panels to your patient care


Experience the power of real-time medication monitoring and drug detection. Our intuitive reporting amplifies physicians' ability to assess patients' medicinal use and drug history.

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Adverse drug reactions comprise one-third of hospital adverse events, affecting approximately 2 million hospital stays annually.1

  1. Baldini A, Von Korff M, Lin EH. A Review of Potential Adverse Effects of Long-Term Opioid Therapy: A Practitioner’s Guide. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord. 2012;14(3).