We understand that no two patients metabolize a drug the same way.

The same dosage that has no effect on one patient’s condition, can turn out to be damaging for another. To remove this blocker, we identify patient-specific genetic risk factors while simultaneously measuring the efficacy of current medications.

Using a combination of both genotypic and demographic variables, Prescient develops an easily digestible report that you can immediately adopt into your patient treatment regimen. The comprehensive report—our PreScript Profile™—is customizable and formatted to your needs, fitting within your workflow seamlessly.

Painful blood draws are eliminated with our simple cheek swab methodology, where we rapidly analyze DNA to predict a patient's response to common medications. 


Dynamic. Actionable. Personalized.

  • Our intuitive PreScript Profile uses genetic testing technologies to study both genetic and lifestyle characteristics.
  • The Prescript Profile streamlines the prescribing process, empowering providers to make the best possible decisions.